Metro Defense Training, LLC is the premier firearms training organization in the State of Minnesota. We teach the MN carry permit class on a monthly basis. This is the class that is commonly known as the “Minnesota Conceal and Carry Permit“. We also teach firearms fundamentals classes and personal or group protection classes on request.

Why choose Metro Defense Training?

  • Metro Defense teaches the highest quality permit-to-carry class.  We don’t cut corners, giving you the best possible training.
  • You have no hidden costs to worry about. We offer a complete package; breakfast, the book, and the range fee are included with the class.
  • You will get the training you need, regardless of your current skill level. We tailor each class to the needs of our students.
  • You will leave our class with the knowledge and skills you need to be comfortable and confident carrying your firearm legally. We go above and beyond the legal bare minimum requirements to provide you the best possible class.
  • We teach in the heart of the Twin Cities and we do our shooting qualification at a state-of-the-art, private, indoor range just minutes from the classroom. No long drives, no weather, and no worrying about the guy shooting next to you.

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Here is what our students are saying:

“I took your class on April 2nd this year and now have my permit. The class was great. After 62 years on this planet I’ve learned many can communicate information but few can teach. Good teaching by both of you.”

“Thank you for a great class and experience. You two go beyond “how to” and the legal requirements by getting into the mental and emotional aspects of concealed carry. Carry is a serious responsibility and you drive home that point but still make the class a lot of fun. FYI: I live in Hennepin County and received my permit 22 days after application. Great job. I have refered you to my friends and family. Thank you again.”

Why not find out for yourself?

Metro Defense Training, LLC is certified by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to teach the Minnesota carry permit class.